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13th July 2009

The TPL Condo Association Limited contracted the services of Dominion Security Service to provide daily 24 hours Guard Service.  The Security Guards provided by Dominion are well trained Officers who are conscientious about carrying out their duties to the best of their ability.  They are dependable, reliable, courteous, responsive and eager to render assistance when called upon.

Dominion Security Services have provided quality service to this establishment from the very beginning and we are quite satisfied with the level of service we are receiving.

The Management of Dominion should also be commended for the hard work and dedication in committing themselves to the enormous task of co-ordinating the day to day operation to ensure that the expectations of customers are satisfied.

Wayne Berkeley
Services Manager

TPL Condo Association Limited


22nd November 2006

We are pleased with the services that you have provided us since your team came on board.  They have adapted well and your support and visits have served to enhance their performance.

Benn Ramnarine MA, CSSM, CPO, CPOI
Safety and Security Manager

Hilton Tobago Golf and Spa Resort